Go Action Fun Time

Go Action Fun Time is a role-playing game (that I wrote) recreating Saturday morning (or now late-late night) action/adventure science-fantasy cartoon shows – only the kind you would actually want to watch.

Teen-age superheroes from across history have been thrown together as a team (in theory) to compete in a reality game show produced by chaotic and perhaps insane gods. These heroes now travel randomly through time, pursuing the strange and crazy challenges given to them by the Producers, and perhaps righting wrongs along the way.

On occasion, I will crib material from this work for this blog. Within that material, I posited:

When concocting this Fantastical History, we went with flexibility, trying to accommodate as many myths, tropes and common assumptions about the future as we could. A fair bit of thought and research went into this (no – really) but where sources conflicted, we went with the most interesting.

We try to stay within known facts about history and science because we already laying a heavy burden of disbelief right from the premise. Even so, don’t let the actual facts bog down the story. If you can’t find what you want in actual history, just make it up and move on. History is wrong a lot anyway. This is not historical simulation. It is a cartoon simulation. Try to find the flavor of the place without letting all the research dry it out.

I have found it is not worthwhile to reinvent all of history for every separate fictional project, so ALL of my fiction (thus far) can be loosely placed within this history.

I have a more time travel specific blog: Curious Continuity which touches upon this work as well.