This is for Actual Author Events, and other places I go where I would be happy to talk to people about my books or writing or other nerd/geek/wonk things.  So if you wanted your copy of my book signed, or to assassinate me, here is a resource for arranging that.

I regularly attend two writing groups: The Central Phoenix Writing Workshop Monday Night workshop at Songbird Coffee House  in central Phoenix,  and the Armadillo Grill Author’s Workshop on Thursday nights. Officially, you should join the meet-up group before attending either one, but as a practical matter both groups welcome drop-ins. Two notes of caution:

  • These are ongoing and relatively serious workshops where I am a participant, not an organizer. It is on you to make peace with the organizers.
  • I do not attend every workshop every week. Often, there will be no notice either way. You hunt me to these places at your own risk.

I have a day job that is ordinarily from 7am to sometime mid-afternoon, but there are a lot of variables determining that.

Here then is the Deep End Productions Google Calendar: