Notes from Leprecon 45

I was at Leprecon 45 last weekend, where I ran some games of Go Action Fun Time, and moderated a few panels. Normally I’d link to Lep45, but they have already transitioned their website to Lep46.

The excitement of Go Action Fun Time!

Before I share my notes from the panels, let me warn you that I do not take notes well as a moderator. I’m having to watch the panelists and the audience and you know – moderate.

We had an excellent panel of using history in genre fiction, but the only thing I wrote down was this quote:

“A quarter turn towards the Fantastic – Gabriel Marquez.

I wrote a few things down worth sharing from the plotters vs pantsers panel on Saturday:

I am more of a pantser than I would ever like to admit.


The panelists: Diana Terrill Clark, Judith Starkston and (convention GOH) Maya Bohnhoff all start with the end in mind and maybe pants some of the middle bits.

I was nearly halfway through Beanstalk and Beyond before I had a real grasp at how it ended.


Anyway, they mentioned some software and books:


Evernote []

Scrivener  []

Yes – you will have to pay for Scrivener.

And more obscurely specialized Highland 2  a screenplay app for Mac.


The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maas.

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors – Alexandra Sokoloff

I have not used or read any of the resources listed above.

Baron Dixon being relatively normal

Also: Baron Dixon’s Tyrannovision cannot be explained. It must be experienced.

But you do so at your own risk.



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