The Magic Harp



The above is a sketch I made for reference when describing the Harp in Beanstalk and Beyond. What I could do with colored pencils and what I can do with words are slightly different:

By now I had maneuvered to get a good look at the Giant’s wonderful instrument. The base of the triangular harp consisted of hardwood, inlaid with seashells,  pearls and shimmering jewels. The golden torso of a nude female stretched upwards from the hardwood base below, like a goddess emerging from a great conch shell.. Her golden hair flowed down to meet the shells inlaid on the other side of the base, making up the slope of the triangle, and the golden strings stretched taut between her hair and the seashells below.  At first I thought it a trick of the firelight, but her face indeed moved when she sang.

There’s a little bit more about the harp on my personal blog, What Have We Learned.




“The only one in this castle that won’t eat you on sight”

I recently turned in my final edit for the Beanstalk and Beyond, being volume 1 of the Autobiography of Jack the Giant Killer.


I am posting short excerpts from that work at random intervals. This is one of them.

Art by Tony Padegimas
Then, the great hand [of the ogress] came for me once more. “Now, don’t do anything foolish like squirming or screaming. I’m the only one in this castle that won’t eat you on sight.”