The Foolhardy Dolts

In this excerpt from Beanstalk and Beyond,  Jack relates the tale of the giant’s battle with local militia, partly from overhearing the giant tell it while Jack hides in the kettle.

foolhardy dolt
Art by Tony Padegimas

Rheghed, the third son of Merchion Gul, was eager to prove himself worthy of more than the scraps of land he might otherwise inherit should Merchion the Lean ever actually pass on. Perhaps he felt this was that chance.

“The foolhardy dolts marched right up to me in an open field.” The giant said as the ogress plopped the kettle on some high counter somewhere. “The one on horseback dared speak to me, shouting some nonsense about how those were his cows and I had no right to take them. I told him what I thought of that, and then he and his men starting hurling their pointed sticks.”


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