Beanstalk and Beyond Preview 7 of several

I recently turned in my final edit for the Beanstalk and Beyond, being volume 1 of the Autobiography of Jack the Giant Killer.

I am posting short excerpts from that work at random intervals. This is one of them.

Since the giants have fallen asleep without eating him, Jack makes the most of his opportunity.

I’d like to say I spent even a moment considering the moral implications of stealing a hat full of gold coins from my hosts, but starving peasants waste no time on such thoughts. That the giant was a hate-filled tyrant intent on destroying humanity had nothing to do with my decision.  I took the gold because I could reach it, and my only reservations had to do with how much I could carry.

It would be many years before I considered such matters differently.


I have often wondered how my life might have differed if I had done the sensible thing and climbed down the beanstalk then and there. But, naturally, the poor peasant boy elected to go back and get another hat full of gold.


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