Beanstalk and Beyond preview 6 of several

I recently turned in my final edit for the Beanstalk and Beyond, being volume 1 of the Autobiography of Jack the Giant Killer.

I am posting short excerpts from that work at random intervals. This is one of them.

Jack is hiding from his gigantic hosts inside a kettle on top of their table.

“ENOUGH!” He slammed the table hard enough to bounce my head into the top of the kettle. The kettle, in turn, began to wobble and I soon discovered the hard way how close to the edge I really was. It was tipping over as the giant bellowed, “It is my land they ravage, and always has been! So they discovered when … “

I don’t know how he finished that sentence being occupied myself with trying not to tumble out of the pot as it fell to the slate floor.

All of my bones felt like they suddenly shifted to the wrong side of my body, and the deafening clang echoed like the inside of a bell. So I lay inside the pot, shaking and effectively deaf, with my only fortune being the open end had rolled facing away from the my quarrelsome hosts.


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