Beanstalk and Beyond Preview 5 of several

I recently turned in my final edit for the Beanstalk and Beyond, being volume 1 of the Autobiography of Jack the Giant Killer.

I am posting short excerpts from that work at random intervals. This is one of them.

Jack hides inside a kettle in the giant’s castle, because the owner has returned home.

“Humans!” He spat. “The land below is riddled with the muck-dwelling vermin. They’ve driven all the decent game from these lands. There used to be mammoth and bison in these hills, as commons as the stones. Now there dwells only these stupid, stunted beasts.”  I heard the thud of three enormous carcasses slamming onto the table. The kettle bounced around me.

“Cows. Hmm. Not much, but they will do. I can manage a decent stew from them.”

“Are we reduced to stew already? Curse it all!”


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