Beanstalk & Beyond Preview 2 of several

I just submitted my edits for Beanstalk and Beyond, and now there will be some quotes for that for amusement of what I hope to be future readers.


I’m not sure why I kept climbing other than it was fun, and I didn’t really want to go back down. This beanstalk was easier to climb than most trees, and I made swift progress, despite the rain.

I wanted to know how high that thing really went; if it really went above the clouds like it appeared from the ground. My house was a little box, my livid mother an ant, the countryside a soggy, lumpy, green quilt of fields. I kept climbing.

I picked my way upwards by feel, until suddenly my head broke through the top. I stared across the clouds at a whole new world. For a long moment I must have gaped at the sunlit Cloudscape as if I had never been outside in my life. The sun seemed no closer, even as high as I was, but I hadn’t seen it in days, and it took a while for my eyes to adjust. Gradually, I made out rolling hills of clouds covered with thick, fluffy, deeply green moss, and enormous mushrooms of every color and shape.  I threw my hat onto the clouds. When it did not sink, I followed it.

Glittering insects buzzed around my head like tiny jewels with wings, and quick, silver worm-like creatures darted away from my feet. A warm, moist wind whirled about, occasionally prodding a hill to move aside, which in turn would reveal yet another wonder.

After an hour or so, my eyes stopped widening and my mouth stopped dropping open. My eyes squinted and my mouth frowned as all of this wonder insensibly became simply in the way.



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